3 Quick Fire Psychology Tips for Esports Enthusiasts

Psychology is a broad and complex topic. Maria Nazarena Zuccarelli has kindly written this article providing 3 actionable tips you can apply as an Esports enthusiast. 
How can you start taking care of your mental health if you're not on a professional Esports team with an associated psychologist?
  1. Make Self Records
  2. Structure Your Training 
  3. Balance Your Life Energy
1. Make Self Records
In psychology terms, this is a good way of expanding your awareness about your Mental state. Self-records allows us to collate information about our routines. Over time this information can give us an insight into how our training habits change under different pressures. For example, it self-records will show how our training hours will change pre-competition, mid competition and post-competitive. 
Avoid negative thoughts and emotional extremes. For this, self-records are also important, since they allow self-observation of emotional states. We can not improve what we do not know exactly. 
2. Structure Your Training
Like all sports, training must be structured. This is most important when avoiding burnout. Burnout can occur sports enthusiasts play beyond a volume that their bodies can handle both mentally and physically. 
Planning your training around a structure that suits your individual capabilities will allow you to set your own limits to prevent burning out. 
3. Balance Your Life Energy
The risk of video games being addictive is frequently talked about.
What is a major sign of your life energy being unbalanced?
  • If you feel that you can not spend a lot of time without playing video games or becoming anxious if
If this is the case, we have a warning signal. This means gaming is negatively influencing your relationships with the environment and your bonds with significant others. 
The most important thing is that you can manage your time with routines designed by specialists, not standardized, but unique to you.
Training is as important as your educational, social and leisure activities. If you want to take your game to the next level, do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the best plan of action for you!
Written by Maria Nazarena Zuccarelli for The Esports Health Hub, published with her permission. 

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