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F Scott Feil, PT, DPT, EdD 

These days, Esports and video game streaming have become big business. Universities are offering Esports scholarships. There are Esports competitions that offer prizes to the winners of tens of thousands of dollars to up to millions of dollars. There are even gamers that are making annual salaries by live streaming on Twitch for many hours a day. Aches, pains, and neurologic issues are likely to occur at some point. And even if you are relatively symptom free as a gamer, if you want to bring your grip strength and your hand eye coordination to the next level for optimal game playing performance, physical therapists can help.

Physical Therapists are a great fit to help video gamers and Esports athletes when it comes to some of the common injuries and issues they experience. If you are a video gamer or an Esports athlete and you are experiences aches, pains, or numbness and tingling in your neck, arm or hand, reach out to me at (especially if you are in Texas). Also be on the lookout for my new eBook on managing your own Esports and video game injuries due out Summer 2019! One of my side incomes is now treating esports athletes in person, vis telehealth, and through my ebook and online training program!


María Nazarena Zuccarelli

Founder of the Argentine School of Electronic Sports. University Professor. Psychologist of the sport of ample trajectory, with formation in addictions, group therapies, therapy of families, cognitive behavioral therapy. Collaborator in new technologies development laboratories. Proficiency in English, French, Portuguese and Chinese


Darby A. Rollins 

Darby Rollins is the founder and CEO of ExoMend Labs, an Esports fitness company dedicated to helping gamers take their game to the next level by improving their mental and physical health. Darby grew up an avid gamer with his favorite games being World of Warcraft and FIFA. He is now on a mission to improve the health of Esports through entrepreneurship.